Yahoo! 2013 Here We Come: Will the Jawbone UP support Dymaxion Life??


I just watched a great video discussion between Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen and GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt chat ( at Minds + Machines 2012 highlighting where we’re at with mobile devices and ubiquitous communication, big data and the industrial internet.  I was thrilled to hear them chat about wellness as a topic, based on our personal use of tiny full-blown computers that we wear to help us personally track and improve our health like the Jawbone Up ( *On my Christmas list honey.*

These guys are so smart, and give me much optimism for this coming year and many, many years following. The recent re-election of our President also give me promise for the next four years, but with much less optimism given a recent image of Mr. Obama kowtowing to several health insurance executives in a great but somewhat depressing documentary Escape Fire ( about how important it is to go from sickness and treatment to wellness and healthy lifestyles like movement, whole diets, yoga and meditation. 

I am particularly excited about 2013 given that I finally feel like I’m at home in Boulder, Colorado, this beautiful, fanciful, delicious, walkable, brilliant place that rewards collaboration, creativity, resilience, hard work, and a community that supports the development of healthy lifestyles as a means to a healthy end in work and enterprise.

I’m planning on highlighting several benchmarks that I use to focus my creative energy and my need to build my follow-through abilities, including Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues, updated via Tom Cassidy’s Everyday Mind Mastery ( and as an avid life-long learner on the 8 Conditions of the Quaglia Institute ( At this point unless I find some better tools this coming year, these tools, perhaps including the Jawbone UP, will provide my 2013 compass.

As a final testament to the coming year, and thinking about time in general, my challenge to the world is a greater understanding of a concept forwarded by one of my all-time hero’s, and my hero of 2013, the great architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, who I got to see in person in Mackey Auditorium in 1973 here in Boulder. Just like our industrial revolution won’t let us give up the “You need to work 8 hour days, 5 days per week with 1 hour for lunch with 2 weeks a year of vacation” cultural meme without a fight, I’m challenging part of that dictum that also mandates:  “You have to have 8 hours of sleep”.  Bucky Fuller defined what he termed “Dymaxion Sleep” which is a polyphasic sleep pattern ( that we basically used as architecture students in the Environmental Design building on the CU Boulder campus, where we were basically taught how to cram for design project completion and the brutal design jury. I hope to master my own polyphasic sleep pattern, knowing that my sweet wife Deb (who is also a two time national women’s Tae Kwon Do champion) is absolutely right about life: “You have to sleep well to live well.”

And so it begins… Will the Jawbone UP support Dymaxion Sleep?? More importantly, will I do a better job in 2013 than I did in 2012 in building what I might term a Dymaxion Life for myself and my family, as well as my community and this word??

I’m on my way to find out,

minute by minute,

hour by hour,

day by day,

week by week;

decision by decision,

calorie by calorie,

watt by watt,

mile by mile,

blog by blog,

thought by thought,

peace by peace.

2013 here I come!


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