An Unapologetic Apology, Disconnected Connections


A great story by Scott Belsky, leader of (oddly enough, totally unrelated to today’s occupy protests /  movement) about disconnecting is this morning’s / afternoon’s random / deliberate Tweeting… The story acknowledges our forefathers wisdom in insisting on a sabbath, conscious disconnection, and how hard / important it is today to totally disconnect and unwind, with the ubiquity of our everpresent connection devises, and how sacred spaces are becoming extinct.  I’m also reflecting on Steve Jobs quote about the importance of saying no. Somewhere in the white space between those is my answer to both. We / I have to constantly work at simplifying our days, including conscious disconnection / meditation to improve our ability to deal with important complexity.

I love / hate days like today, after a self imposed, strong, physically demanding, long, wonderful, hard bike ride. I hate being tired / grumpy, and my thick headedness, but embrace my body telling me to chill. I love / hate my unannounced trances, where all thought just stops, eyes fixating. I hate the guilt but love the license I give myself to do nothing, but hopefully to do everything, as my body and mind and creativity and resolve imperceptively rebound. In my stupor I can’t decide whether to apologize for this post, or be totally self assured that if nothing else I’m learning to use the auto-complete keyboard function on my smartphone, getting a little writing practice… Nontheless I’m enjoying watching people pass by, sitting here on my butt, being connected / disconnected. So…


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